Jun 11, 2009

An Awesome Writing Advice Database!!!

Yes, all three exclamation points in the post title are warranted. I could add five more and feel great about myself, this is just that good.

Sometimes I worry that I am being redundant if I mention Nathan Bransford because I know that many of you also follow Nathan's blog and you probably read it first. But sometimes I just don't care how worried I am, I just do it. I'm like Nike, I guess.

So in the rare event that someone out there has not yet visited Nathan's blog today (or *gasp* ever...), please read on with vigor:

Nathan's post today
consolidates over 40 links regarding preparation, writing, revising, genres, and holding onto your marbles. It is an absolute must-read for any aspiring writer. I could probably extend that to include professional writers. Any pros out there, feel free to agree / disagree in the comments.

Click here to go to Nathan's Writing Advice Database. I added the post to the links menu at the right side of this blog, too.

Why are you still reading this? Don't you listen? I said "click here" like 34 words ago. No go back and click. Geeze.


Horserider said...

Hehehe I bookmarked it when I read it the first time. :) I'm sure I'll refer to it again and again.

ElanaJ said...

You post things like this for me, Rick. Because I don't get to the agent blogs as much as I should. I know, I know, that's like against the rules, right? I read the ones people like you tell me to. ;-)

Rick Daley said...


That's good to hear. Every time I post something other than a query, I wonder if the people that follow this blog see it and think, "Come on man, enough with re-hased news. I come here to read queries."

But then I get a query drought, or some hot news comes up, and I have to throw one into the mix.

Rick Daley said...


There's gold in them there hills...

Laura Martone said...

Oh, Rickypoo, thank goodness for you!

I do happen to read Nathan's blog faithfully every day (and comment every now and again), but I still appreciate the heads-up. It truly was a great post today... of course, it offers yet another reason to procrastinate and not get back to the job at hand - that is, revising my manuscript and polishing my query for your site.

Ugh. ;-)

Morgan Xavier said...

Does anyone know where I could find a good compilation of plot/character cliches? That is one topic that Mr. Bransford's database doesn't address, and Google hasn't been very helpful.

Rick Daley said...


I Googled "list of plot cliches" and this one came up. It's not all-inclusinve, but it does have seom common ones to avoid:


It seems a lot of the Google results were genre specific (sci fi, romance) try adding that you a search and see if it helps.

Morgan Xavier said...

Awesome, thank Rick!!

Laura Martone said...

Hey, Rick! Thanks for the cliche link. I just reviewed it and was happy to learn that I have NONE of those cliches in my novel! Yahoo!

I mean, there are technically three-and-a-half sex scenes in my story (and one's about to be deleted) - but none are gratuitous. And my protagonist is by no means idealized - in fact, she's a royal mess...

Thank goodness for small favors. ;-)