Aug 6, 2009

Two Posts With No Comments

Hello all,

There are two posts that have not received any comments. I have a feeling they went up too close to other posts and got lost in the shuffle.

If you are looking for fresh meat (or tofu), then check out:

Query- Vampire Vacation (revised)


Synopsis- Vampire Vacation


Laura Martone said...

Oops, sorry, Rick. I've been such a bad little Public Query Slushpile follower lately.

It's not that I don't want to help others with their queries (especially after receiving such wonderful advice here)... it's just that since discovering your and Nathan's blogs, I've added way too many things to my plate, including writing my own blogs, reading a whole bunch of other blogs, and beta-reading eight manuscripts! But I'm going to try to make more time for the query submitters here. I hope you can forgive me. Sniff, sniff.

Incidentally, I'm looking forward to your post at Nathan's blog tomorrow!

Rick Daley said...


You're still a good follower ;-)

I think these posts got lost int eh shuffle, about four of them went up very close together. I tried to schedule a few and delay them. It's pretty rare that feedback doesn't come through right away. This is the first time any posts have gone an extended period without at least 2 comments!

That says a lot for the Slushpile followers...

C.J. Ellisson said...

I wasn't taking it personal - But thank you Rick for looking out for all the posts.

I just figured people were either very busy, didn't care for the genre (and that is a very personal thing), or felt they had nothing to add.

Lots of great work on here and so little time to review it all! I'm off to read your guest blog - good luck!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for putting this up. I haven't been able to check my feed reader for over a week and I'm going quickly. This caught my eye.