Apr 5, 2010

Slushpile Reader

This came through the Submissions queue.  I'm not affiliated with SlushpileReader.com.  I did look at the site and think it's laid out nicely and the concept is interesting.

Hello, what an excellent thing you have going here! I hope you do not mind if I am post some information about Slush Pile Reader here as it might be of interest to your readers and contributors?

Slush Pile Reader is a social community for readers and writers from all over the world.

At www.slushpilereader.com authors are welcome to submit their manuscripts, readers read, comment and vote for their favorites. Slush Pile Reader will then publish the most popular manuscript(s).

Apart from the selection process Slush Pile Reader works like any traditional publisher - we will edit, distribute and market selected books. As such, of course there are no fees or costs involved for the authors what so ever.

Everyone is welcome to submit their manuscripts, become a member and read and vote for their favorite manuscripts. Also, there is a lively forum with interesting discussions, writers tags and a chance to make new friends and talk about writing and reading with interesting people from all over!

Welcome to Slush Pile Reader!

If you have any questions please email me (johanna@slushpilereader.com)
or check out the site at www.slushpilereader.com.


Aimless Writer said...

I have a few questions. It doesn't look like a vanity pub so I'm thinking this is just a unique way to get the submissions going for a new press?
But what about when agents say not to post your work online? Will everyone be able to see it or just the people who join?
Otherwise, looks like an interesting prospect.

Johanna said...

Hello, you are right - Slush Pile Reader is a modern, unique way of discovering great books.
Some agents might say no to posting online and that is quite unfortunate. Research shows that online presence and viewing actually only increases sales (check out Ceolho for example). Manuscripts are available for everyone to see - however there is no obligation to post a manuscript in its entirety.

Johanna, Slush Pile Reader

Rick - thank you for posting about us!

Rick Daley said...

Johanna- You're welcome, best of luck with your venture!