Jul 18, 2011

Show and NO Tell- Entry #3

Click here for the contest description.  The task was to answer the question: Why does Jimmy hate pizza? 

Why does Jimmy hate Pizza?
By Darrell B. Nelson

Brian pulled up to the old mansion and pulled up the hood of his Pizza Joint jacket, “I hope he tips good, asking for a delivery in the middle of a thunder storm.”

He grabbed the warming bag that contained the customer's pizza and jogged from his little Sentra to the front door as fast as he could without harming the contents of the bag. Even with his hood up he could
feel himself getting soaked as he waited for the owner to answer the door.

“Come in, Come in,” the old man in the white lab coat said when he opened the door.

Brian wiped the water off the bag and opened it. He pulled out the extra large pizza making sure it had stayed safe from the downpour. It had, “That will be $22.56. Mr. Stein.”

“Call me Frank.” The man took the pizza and set it on the table next to the door, opened the box and looked it over, “Did you put all the ingredients in the right proportions as I asked?”

“It was one of our tougher pizzas but our cook is really good.”

“We will see.” The man pulled out a fifty dollar bill, “This is yours if you did it correctly. Come with me.”

“I'm not allowed to go more than a few feet passed the front door,” Brain said. “Company Policy.”

“For a $27 tip you can make an exception.”

A huge clap of thunder hurt Brian's ears and he could hear the front door being battered by an insane amount of rain, “I guess I could.”

He started following Frank and heard a child's voice yell out from the other side of the main hall, “Are we having pizza?”

Brian looked to see a 10 year-old enter the hall smiling and holding a small poodle.

“No Jimmy, this is for the experiment,” Frank told the child.

“Everything is for the experiment, I never get anything.” Jimmy frowned.

“If this works you will have everything, Jimmy.” Frank said.

“Why can't you be nice like Fluffy.” Jimmy hugged his poodle.

“I'm on the verge of the biggest medical breakthrough in history of mankind, that's why.” Frank opened the door off the main hall to reveal a huge lab with beakers bubbling and a Jacob's Ladder sending arcs of electricity up its length. He quickly moved to the center of the lab and slid the pizza out of the box onto the exam table. He poked numerous wires into the crust and sprinkled a liquid over it.

“Now we just have to wait for a lightning bolt to hit.” Frank smiled.

“Okay?” Brian was about to ask for his money and leave with or without tip when a huge flash of lightning filled the main hall with light and he heard the thunderbolt at the exact same time.

When his eyes readjusted he saw the pizza was moving. It was flipping the sides of its crust trying to undo the wires that were poking into it.

“Its Alive, Alive!” Frank yelled.

Fluffy broke free from Jimmy's arms and ran over to bark at the unholy animation.

Frank quickly released the living pizza from the restraining wires and threw his hands up in the air, “I have broken the bounds between life and death. This pizza will bring a new dawn for humanity.”

Humanity's new dawn took the opportunity to leap from the table and completely envelop the poodle that was barking at it.

“Fluffy!” Jimmy cried out.

Brian ran over and tried to pull the pizza off the helpless dog, but it had become much tougher than a pizza had any right to be.

“Stand back!” Frank yelled starting up the bone saw, “This abomination was my creation, and I alone must deal with it. It was my folly to believe that I could tamper with the laws of god and the universe. This should be a lesson to all mankind...”

“Could you help already and give your speech later?” Brian interrupted Frank as the pizza had turned on him and grabbed his arm.

“Oh yeah, that might be a good idea.” Frank started cutting up the pizza with the bone saw. After cutting half the pizza into one inch slices it grew weak enough for Brian to pry loose his arm.

Frank and Brian wrestled with the pizza and finally killed it, but it was too late for Fluffy who was now just cheese covered hair and a tail. The pizza had dissolved the rest of the body.

Brian looked over at little Jimmy who was in tears.

“I'm really sorry,” Brian said. “If it will make it any better I can talk to my manager, Bernie, about getting you another pizza.”

“I hate Pizza!” Jimmy shouted. “Pizza ate my dog.”

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