Apr 16, 2009

Query- Severed Ties (Revision #3)

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Dear Agent,

Three hundred and twenty three passengers feared dead. For Suzanne Taylor, surviving the fiery crash of Flight 148 is bittersweet.

Waking from a coma a week after the accident, Suzanne learns her son is dead. When her dreams show Caleb growing older with each passing month, Suzanne is convinced that he is still alive.

Her marriage begins to unravel as Suzanne continues to pursue her quest for the truth. Feeling alone and desperate to find answers, Suzanne finds herself wrapped up in an affair with a handsome N.T.S.B. investigator.

When a fellow survivor is interviewed during the one year anniversary coverage of the crash, Suzanne reaches out to her, hoping to find answers regarding her son’s fate. As the survivor recalls the final moments of Caleb’s life, a cry from an adjoining bedroom reveals the truth.

I am seeking representation for Severed Ties, a women's fiction work, complete at 114,000 words.

Thank you for your time and your consideration.


D. Ross

1 comment:

anaquana said...

I like this query. I haven't read the previous versions, but this one grabbed my attention and I want to read more.

My only issue with it is that you don't make it clear that her son is an infant. I had to infer that from the last line about the cry from the other room.

Good job.