May 21, 2009

Revisions and Resubmissions

Two agents addressed the topic of re-querying on their blogs today. I'm guessing that the vast majority of you already read both posts, but just in case you haven't, here are the links:

Click here to read Nathan Bransford's perspective on re-querying.

Click here to read Jessica Faust's perspective.

As for re-submitting queries to this blog, I'm all for it. A few submitters have thanked me for my patience in posting multiple revisions, but there's no need. I'm happy to help out, especially when there aren't many new queries coming in (NOTE: send queries. I can't make the hint any more obvious). I would rather have you fine tune your queries over several revisions here than miss a shot with the agent of your dreams.

jbchicoine put it in a great perspective with this comment on the fourth revision of the RAINGUN query:

"I found it very helpful, reading what others had to say, and how you applied it. I think what you've learned has also made the critiques you've offered very helpful."

So please keep 'em coming, whether they are new queries or new versions of old queries...


Laura Martone said...

This is my first visit to your blog, so forgive my ignorance. How do I send a query for review? Just post it here? Thanks for your patience - now that the novel is done, I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the wonderful world of publishing!

Rick Daley said...

Hi Laura,

First: You are forgiven ;-)

Second: There is a link toward the top-right of the blog for submissions. It will take you to a submission post, and you can post your query as a comment there.

Third: I read all of the comments, so if you put it on the wrong post, I'll still catch it.

Fourth (and maybe final): Congrats on finishing your novel, I know from personal experience that it is no small feat! Thank you for stopping by, and I wish you the best of luck as you pursue your publishing career.

Anonymous said...


I just found this blog listed on Mira's info. over on Nathan's blog.

Great idea! I will add it to my regulars.


Rick Daley said...


Thanks for stopping by, glad to have another person in the mix.

jbchicoine said...

...I've gone bright red...

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you aren't regularly swamped here ... but then again, Query Shark hasn't updated in a long time either, maybe queries are slow this time of year for some reason?

MonikaS said...

There is an interesting article on Miss Snark's First Victim blog posted yesterday about the over-shopped query.

I'm enjoying this blog and have commented extensively, but I thought I'd play devil's advocate and suggest another view point.

Rick Daley said...

JB- You made a very good point! On this site, a good critique is as welcome as a query submission, the two go hand in hand.

Anon- The queries are out there. When Nathan Bransford did his Agent for a Day contest, he had hundreds of submissions. The trick is reaching the audience. I haven't done much extra to promote the blog recently. I also think that many people may be hesitant to post their queries in a public forum.

Monika- I'll check out the post you mentioned. Thank you for hanging out here!

Laura Martone said...

While I'm understandably nervous about posting my query in a public forum, I'm fully aware that I need all the help that I can get... So, I'm going to take the plunge next week and submit my query for review. Better to let others share their advice and potentially bolster my query than to send it to my top agents and get roundly rejected (which has, alas, already happened). Boo hiss.

So, thanks, Rick, for creating such a helpful blog... no matter what, I'll be a regular visitor from now on!

P.S. I found you through Mira's site, too.

Rick Daley said...

Laura, I checked out your website and your story seems intriguing, I'm eager to see how you present it in query format.

Mira's blog is a lot of fun. I'm Troubadour, if you didn't know, I try to post there as often as I can.

Laura Martone said...

Thanks for visiting the website. Course, now that means I HAVE to follow through with my promise, right? I'll take a look at the query once more over the weekend - and then up it goes. Oh, boy.

Anonymous said...