May 2, 2010

Request for Author Info- Wilder Times

Attention Slushpile readers,

If you wrote the query for Wilder Times, please check the comments on that post and/or this one.  An agent has expressed interest and is looking to contact you.  Good luck!

A posted query has caught my eye. I am a Lit Agent, accepting new clients. How do I contact the author of the query entitled
"Wilder Times"
Thank you,


Steena Holmes said...

Not me, but that is fantastic!

Elaine AM Smith said...

Not me but having read the query I can see why it has sparked interest. The query letter rambles but the tale sounds well worth the read.

Christina Lee said...

Well this just goes to show that everyone needs to keep putting themselves out there and plugging away! Good luck to the author!

jessjordan said...

Looks like the authors of these queries/pages should send their email along to you or something! That's awesome.

folksinmt said...

Thank you, Google Reader! I'm the author of Wilder Times.

Thanks for your interest, Susan. Email your contact info to


Glad you caught that comment Rick!

Rick Daley said...

Lori- Glad you caught this post. Hopefully Susan is still watching, good luck!