Jun 24, 2010


Created from follwoing a help book strictly.


I am writing to you because you represented TITLE by AUTHOR, and I feel my book is similar.

My book takes place in the present day, over a six month period, in the magical realm of Veneseron. The novel is in the vein of Harry Potter, crossed with the Demonata series. Fifteen year old Evan Umbra, reclusive orphan and bully victim, is ripped from our world by a demon, but saved and taken by a warrior to Veneseron. Evan trains in magic and weaponry to become a demon hunter and protector of the worlds, finding friendship and romance on the way. But demons continue to hunt him for he is demon spawn- the key to the dark god’s rebirth, or his demise. The demon god once ruled all the realms, and his Dread lords will stop at nothing to bring him back.

From learning to harness the power of the elements to riding dragons, DEMON HUNT- is an 84,000 word young adult, fantasy novel available to you for representation. Thank you sincerely for taking the time to consider my work.

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Anonymous said...

I'd start with the fourth sentence.

And it's generally not a good idea to compare your book to Harry Potter-- just because it gets done so often.