Jun 23, 2010

Success Story!

NOTE: The queries for this book have been taken down at the author's request.  The working title was ENEMIES OF TIME.  Thanks to all who make this site what it is; as the moderator, my role is minimal.  The commentors are the ones who bring the value, and those brave enough to share their work provide the platform.

Dear Rick,

Since my deal went public this morning, I wanted to write an official thank you letter for starting The Public Query Slushpile blog. I began reading queries on your blog sometime last May (2009) and it took me until the end of July (I think) to actually post one of my own.

After it posted, I was so nervous, waiting to see if anyone responded. At the time it was the hardest thing I had ever done with my writing.

But I survived both the good and the bad feedback and slowly, with each post, my skin got a little thicker and I really learned to  listen to what others were saying.

Right now, I probably hold the record for the most queries and sample pages posted on The Public Query Slushpile. Seriously, I've put up a ton. A few people even came back and put a second comment after I had written my thank you comment. One person said something like, "Dang Julie, this is your query. How many books have you written?"

Like most writers, amazing words and perfect prose didn't just fall onto the page for me. I had to write lots and lots of bad stuff before I got to something that made one agent and one editor say, "I think this could be a good book." This, of course, followed many rejections and rewrites.

But still, neither said I was done. Nor did they say it was perfect. Not even close. And if it weren't for all the people who gave honest critique and feedback on my queries and sample pages, I would probably be hiding under my bed now, never wanting to come out.

Instead, I listened to everything an editor told me was wrong with my book and then I started sending chapters that were better. Not perfect, but better. Then he got excited because I was so open to revisions and asked for more. Alas, a book was made! And there is still lots more editing to come.

Writing is just like the saying "It takes a town to raise a child." It takes a community like The Public Query Slushpile to make a an aspiring writer into an accomplished writer. At least this is what happened with a new writer like me. Maybe others can do it alone but I know I couldn't.

Thank you Rick and all your many followers!

Julie Cross

P.S. feel free to post this if you would like! I'm pasting my official PMP announcement below. It is a YA book but my editor wanted to call it Debut Fiction for some reason.
Julie Cross

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New deals for June 23, 2010

Julie Cross's TEMPEST, the first in a trilogy about a 19-year-old time traveler who witnesses his girlfriend's murder and inadvertently jumps back two years; stuck there, he's recruited by a shadowy government agency run by the man he thought was his father and vows to save his girlfriend no matter the cost, pitched as "Twilight" meets "The Time Traveler's Wife," to Brendan Deneen at Thomas Dunne Books, in a pre-empt, by Suzie Townsend at FinePrint Literary Management (World).


Julie said...

Thanks for posting this, Rick and thanks again to everyone!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Holy cow, that is such a cool story. The people who put queries and samples on this site are indeed brave. Julie just proved they can turn that into success.
Kudos to Julie and to Rick for hosting this site.

folksinmt said...

I'm embarrassed, that was me that commented on how many queries you'd posted! :) I was just jealous that you are so awesome that you can work on so many books at the same time.

Congrats on your book deal... a pre-empt--oh yay! It must be a great book, I can't wait to read it. (but I'll have to-- for a year anyway. Why does the publishing industry have to move so darn slow?

Donna Hole said...

Awesome possom girl! I'm please for you.


Rick Daley said...

I said it in the note at the top of this post, but it bears repeating:

The commentors are the ones who provide the value to the site. Thanks to all who participate, I hope everyone realizes that success can come to those who work hard. Julie has put forth a tremendous effort in her quest to publication; revising, re-writing, starting new projects...basically doing everything she could to succeed. And she did.


ali said...

This is wicked awesome! Congratulations Julie! ♥

Julie said...

You guys are so nice! And folksinmt, I love that you said I had a lot of queries! I was so shocked (and excited)you even remembered me!

Blee Bonn said...

Congratulations Julie! Wahoo! Your story sounds awesome.

And thanks to Rick for providing this awesome blog!

gj said...


And thank you for the reminder that writing is hard. Often, we see a few postings, a few revsions, nothing more than a few hours'work, and then there's a sale announcement, and it sounds so EASY and so flukey and magical, instead of being the logical result of a combination of talent and hard work.

So, congratulations for seeing it through with all the hard work.

Anne R. Allen said...

Oooooh I love a success story. How exciting. Sometimes this crazy system works. Congrats, Julie!

PicardyRose said...

Woo-hoo, good job!

Anonymous Author said...

Julie, congratulations!

And you raise a very, very good point that can't be raised enough. A successful writer isn't just a writer who can write well-- s/he's a writer that can respond to criticism, not by arguing, but by revising and improving what she's written.

I bet more would-be writers fall down there than anywhere else. Congrats again.

RCWriterGirl said...

Congrats Julie,

I remember reading the sample pages and query for Enemies of Time. It was very good at the time--a real compelling story. I'm glad it's found a home in the publishing world.

Best of luck.