Nov 8, 2010

Thank you, Nathan Bransford

For those of you trapped under rocks* or otherwise cut off from the world's most pressing news, Nathan Bransford announced last week that he will be leaving the world of agenting to take a position in social media for CNET.

I launched this blog on March 6, 2009.  According to Google Analytics there were 30 visits that day.  I was elated on Thursday the 12th when the site had 56 visitors.  And the next day, Nathan Bransford mentioned the Public Query Slushpile on his blog.  The site had 473 visits that day!  That invaluable boost gave the Slushpile the momentum it needed, giving us all queries to read and attracting many talented people to share their feedback through the comments.

Nathan has been kind to many of us, offering encouragement, advice, and general sanity through his blog.  I've even emailed him several one-off questions, and he answered every one (usually the same day I emailed him). 

I would almost expect Nathan to save the world, if he wasn't busy breaking the universe with a cosmic space ka-pow.

Good luck Nathan.  Thanks for all your support!

*Anyone seen 127 Hours?  I bet even that guy knows.


Anne Gallagher said...

Thank you Rick. Thank you Nathan.

Donna Hole said...

He will be sorely missed. Lucky for us he will hang around a while yet.


Nathan Bransford said...

Thank you, Rick!

Rick Daley said...

Anytime, Nathan!