Aug 5, 2010

Query- Emma's Heaven, Contemporary Women's Fiction (revised)

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Thanks for everyone's help.

There’s only one thing Megan wants: to find her missing daughter. When she does, no one believes her.

After her two-year old daughter walked out of their front door and disappeared in the space of a few moments, Megan’s world crumbled. In the two years since, there have been tons of sightings – all by Megan herself. But no one believes her. After all, why should they? The child was never Emma. Her husband, counselor, her own mother and even Megan herself, fear she’s delusional.

However, at the local town fair, Megan sees her. Holding hands and laughing with an elderly couple. Her daughter: Emma. Megan can’t reach them, and the only trace she’s left with is a photo she manages to snap before they vanish. The police feel she’s cried wolf too many times.

Unable to handle the constant heartache of all the false sightings, Megan’s husband threatens to walk away. But Megan isn’t willing to give up. Armed with only a photo and motherly instinct, Megan questions whether she's closing in on the people who took her child, or if she's giving up everything to chase an illusion.


Piedmont Writer said...

Perfect! Go get'em!!!!

Zee Lemke said...

This is impressively good. The sentences really snap.