Jun 1, 2009

100 Followers! And a contest!

This weekend The Public Query Slushpile picked up its 100th follower!

[NOTE: insert cyber confetti and a ticker tape parade across the World Wide Web here. Oh, and multi-colored balloons. They are quite festive.]

Thanks to everyone who stops by, whether you are submitting queries, commenting on queries posted, or even if you just lurk and read. And if all you do is lurk and read blogs all day, I hope you unplug and go outdoors occasionally. Really. It's nice out there.

And now a contest...The Best Query Competition

There are over 70 unique queries in the Slushpile. Over 125 if you count revisions. Have you read them all?

Look deep into the blog. You are getting sleepy. Wait, sorry. Wrong post. Where was I? Oh, yeah...

Look deep into the blog. Use the labels to the right, the search function at the top-left, or scan the titles in the archive. Find a few queries you never read. Re-read a few that you remember.

Leave a comment to this post letting us know which query you think is the best. [NOTE: I don't know why I said us just now, since there's only one of me here. Perhaps I need to take myself up on that "go outside" thing I mentioned earlier.]

And the prize? Sorry, I got nothing for you except this:

Thanks again for your support. And remember, you have to post to receive total consciousness on your deathbed...