Jan 19, 2011


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Abbie Liddell loves research, hates shrinks, and should be able to communicate with the dead.

Abbie has a psychic gift. But it’s buried within a repressed memory. Sure, she’s moved to the Queen Anne Institute of Parapsychology to uncover it. It’s just safer not to. Plus, why worry about her own past when she could be snooping through the Institute’s? Especially when it looks like the Institute is covering up another recruit’s murder. But as she’s looking into them, she finds they’re watching her. And they’re not the only ones.

Ballard is sexy and dangerous and Abbie wants nothing to do with him. But he’s been watching Abbie her whole life. Watching her in visions of the future. And her future looks worse than her past.

The Institute is desperate to contact a spirit. Desperate enough to perform a procedure on Abbie in three days to crack open her gift. They don’t care if it leaves her dead.

Remembering the two weeks her mind banished from her psyche in order to protect itself sixteen years ago may leave her wanting to die. But not remembering will kill her.

SUPERNATURAL is an adult paranormal suspense. It is complete at 125,000 words.

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