Jul 20, 2009


Hello Slushpile followers, commenters, lurkers, and anyone else not covered by the aforementioned terms!

There is a new way to post queries and sample pages for submission.
You can email them to this address:


The subject line of the email should be the title for the post (e.g. QUERY- AWESOME BOOK TITLE)

The body of your email should be the query and/or sample pages. Please format them accordingly, I will post them as I receive them. The posts will not go up automatically, I will review them first. If you are submitting a revision, I will add links to prior versions. I will still post items submitted as comments (a.k.a. the old way).

Thanks to everyone who submits their work for critique and the awesome group of commenters who show up immediately to offer advice. You are the ones who create the value for this site. I am just an enabler...