Apr 9, 2010


Maggie Sloan has given up on life. The day her husband and two children died in a car accident, life stopped for her. Fleeing the bad memories, she leaves Boston and moves to the quiet North Carolina coast. For the next four years she lives in relative obscurity, hiding from life and the possibility of hurt – as well as happiness. That is until the house next door is bought by the new police chief.

Connor McGowan is chasing life. Having spent years as a Chicago detective he watched his marriage die and his ex-wife and three kids move 1,000 miles away. After a brutal attack that left his best friend dead and almost killed him, Connor leaves Chicago determined to turn his life around. He takes a job as Chief of Police in a small North Carolina town intending to spend as much time as he can with his children and be the father he always thought he could be. His plans don’t include romance until he meets his quiet neighbor.

When Connor’s daughter almost drowns, Maggie jumps in to save her. In a split second Maggie has been thrust back into life. Forced to face not only the memories of the car accident where her family died but also six feet of confident and charismatic male, Maggie finds she wants a new chance at life, a new chance for love.

But her unplanned pregnancy revives Maggie’s fears of loss and grief. Trying to avoid potential heartache, Maggie returns to Boston and must face the ghosts of her past and ultimately decide how she can face the future.

COMING AROUND AGAIN, a contemporary romance novel complete at 90,000 words, may appeal to readers of Susan Wiggs or Barbara Delinsky. I appreciate your consideration.