Jan 28, 2011


Dear Agent-Name,
I am sending this query to you because you said in an interview with GLA you are interested in thrillers.

PIKE PLACE is a 78,000-word thriller with an original female protagonist, Rachel McAlister, a former Army MP awarded the Silver Star in Afghanistan.
Rachel saved Joshua Todaro’s life on the battlefield and he gave her the bullet in gratitude. In response, she gave him her heart and they plan to be married. But her life is thrown upside down when Joshua is murdered in his Pike Place apartment, and then Rachel is framed for the murder.
Things go from bad to worse when she learns that her best friend is the prime witness for the prosecution. Anyone else would give up. Not Rachel. Now, as she goes to trial, she holds on to the only two things in the world that she can trust: her love for Joshua, and the battlefield bullet he gave her. She has to hope that somehow, someway, she can figure out who set her up before it’s too late.

A short story of mine has been published in The Sand Hill Review at Stanford. I am a member of the SF/Peninsula branch of the California Writers Club. The Bulletin of the Club has included several of my articles. I was a finalist in the novel contest at the East of Eden writers conference. I am a founding member of the West Valley Writers Group.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I would be happy to send you the manuscript immediately.