Oct 9, 2009

QUERY- DEMON DREAMS (first revision)

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Dear Agent,

There’s only one thing worse than Hell itself and that’s Hell on earth and some idiot is trying to accomplish just that. Nobody cares about a few dead demons but when they start appearing by the hundreds, even Satan takes notice. Every evil plan hatched to find the culprit backfires until left with no other choice they turn to mortals for help.

There are only two things Belza wants in his lifetime, Satan to rule the world and to have sex with Meg so he can own her soul, not necessarily in that order. Sent by Satan himself to procure the services of a powerful witch, he can only think of one with balls enough to stand up to the Dark Lord and spit in his eye.

It’s been thirty years since she withdrew from the world of the occult, but Meg Turner knows the stakes. Given a choice, she’d rather not side with Hell. If she doesn’t, everything and everyone she knows and loves will die. Saving the world isn’t enough is it? She has the perks of dealing with the charming and erotic wooing attempts of Belza and the occasional two cents worth of Alexander, her self appointed guardian angel who’s thrown his hat into the ring for her ‘affections’. Angels, demons and crazed warlocks, what more could a witch ask for?

Demon Dreams is a 69,500 word paranormal/romance that follows Meg Turner, retired witch and Guardian of the Way on a wild ride to save Hell while keeping her sanity and soul in tact. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely Yours,