Oct 13, 2009


Thanks to everyone over at my blog for helping me streamline this:

When thirteen-year-old Kevin McDonald is abducted to the netherworld, he must befriend his goblin kidnappers and elude an army of vampires if he ever wants to see his family again.

Given his indomitable spirit and the magical power of his soul, Kevin just might be able to do it. One slight problem. Every time he casts a fireball or commands the sun to appear, the rash of goblin-skin that started on his arm spreads a bit more across his body. Without magic, the vamps will capture and turn him, but if he uses too much before he finds his way back home, he’ll become a monster anyway.

THE LOST CHILDREN CHRONICLES is a 70,000 word MG fantasy set in a netherworld filled with dark creatures, darker intents, and one courageous boy who will do everything he can to save himself, his fellow abductees, and even some of his kidnappers from damnation. [Personal info, etc].