Jan 17, 2010


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Dear Agent.

December 6, 2012. As the Mayan calendar draws to its end, the world is plunged into a global frenzy when news of an entity heading toward earth is leaked. An American led coalition to defend the planet is created when mechanical equipment and technology begin to abruptly fail, triggering fears of an imminent attack.

Howard Andersen, a political appointee, who is noted for his ability to “influence” policy, is unexpectedly appointed Director of FEMA when the Continuity of Government Plan is implemented. A political enforcer, Howard is faced with contempt and hostility by his boss, the Homeland Security Secretary who wants him out.

The craft disappears as it nears the Solar System and the coalition begins to fracture. A challenge is made by countries who are skeptical of the unfolding events and feel threatened. They dispute the assertions of an alien presence and demand proof. When none is forthcoming they accuse the United States of fear mongering and crimes against humanity.

Howard is thrust into a chaotic world where religious beliefs vie against military dogma when the ship is discovered on Mars beside a mountain that eerily resembles a human face. As the planet marches towards nuclear warfare it falls to him to discern what is the truth. Is this a divine sign or staging post for an invasion?

THESE ARE THE END OF DAYS is a completed manuscript of 115,000 words. Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Lenworth Wesley

Query -- Masquerade Romance

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Dear Ms. Agent,

I am seeking representation at this time for Masquerade, a single title Regency Romance complete at 99,081 words.

When the Earl of Westerly agrees to do his cousin a favor, he is more than surprised upon his arrival at Wakefield. Mr. Quiggins, the trusted butler reveals, “…things are not what they appear to be.”

William Smith, the Earl of Westerly, has only one passion, horses, until he meets the mysterious Miss Penelope Higgins whose sweet, sunny smile makes his heart skip a beat. He knows she is not the person she is pretending to be. The Duchess of Caymore, is a meddlesome old bird who keeps a strict eye on Penny and William means to find out why but no one is talking. He knows the Ladies are in trouble, they are in hiding, and now it appears he will also have to masquerade…as the steward.

When Penny’s’ true identity and her reason for hiding is finally revealed to William, he entrusts some unlikely friends to devise a plan to bring the villains to justice. Upon their return to London, a comedic chain of events finds Robert, William’s cousin, masquerading as Penny’s fiancĂ©. Moreover, now that William knows who Penny really is, he is awed but undaunted. Despite Robert’s annoying role as Penny’s fake fiancĂ©, her father’s threats to marry her off to a duke, and the Duchess of Caymore’s machinations to keep Robert and Penny together, William is determined to marry Penny, even if he has to give up her enormous dowry to do it.

I would be delighted to send you the synopsis and first three chapters. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

My contact info

Query: OUT OF TIME (3rd revision)

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OUT OF TIME tells the story of Drew Evans, a police officer in one of St. Paul's worst gang-infested precincts who recovers a device that allows him to travel through time. Presented with an opportunity like no other, Drew makes the decision to use the device to travel back to visit his father, renowned musician Doc Evans, who died when Drew was young. He visits his father in 1947 Chicago just as his father is getting his big break at the new Jazz Ltd nightclub.

Of course things never go as planned—that Murphy guy got it right—and when Drew interferes with a robbery, it causes the Chicago mob to have a newfound interest in the club.

Now, caught in the middle and facing near insurmountable odds, Drew chooses to bring his by-the-book partner back to help. Drew must use their experience with combating gangs to force the Chicago mob away from the club and save his father’s future—while risking the opportunity to re-connect with his father.

OUT OF TIME—complete at 75,000 words—is an adventure novel infused with humor and action that will appeal to fans of Michael Crichton’s TMELINE and Clive Cussler’s SAHARA.

Having written professionally for the last ten years in advertising and marketing, I’ve learned the value of powerful ideas and concise execution.

Thank you for your consideration,

Allan Evans