Jan 23, 2010


Dear Ms. Dream Agent,
Please accept my submission of EYES OF MY KILLER, a thriller complete at 80,000 words.

Misty reads eyes. She needs only to glance deep within your eyes to see your soul, your world, and all your secrets. But her gift has gotten her into trouble before as it doesn’t always give a clear picture. Not everything she “sees” makes sense. Random thoughts, images, and emotions come through haphazardly. When she comes eye to eye with a serial killer Misty goes to the police for help. In shock, she can describe the brutality and horror she saw in his eyes, but not the man himself. She knows the police think she’s a kook, but she has to make them listen.

Max Jennings is a by the book cop and he’s on the trail of the nastiest serial killer in Angel Fall’s history. When Misty McAllister walks into his squad room and declares she knows who the Angel Fall’s Strangler is because she met him at the mall, Max labels her a whacko. When the strangler leaves a message on Misty’s doorstep in the form of a dead body he labels her a suspect, but Misty insists it’s a warning. Now she’s in a race for her life and only man who can help her, is the one who doesn’t believe her.

Best Regards,

Query - Between Light and Dark

Dear ,

Per your request, I am submitting Between Light and Dark for your consideration.

Fynn, all of twelve years old, is terrorized by an evil menace that he doesn't understand and doesn't know how to confront. His father, Sir Trent, a well respected knight at the local barracks, is kidnapped. Shortly afterward, his childhood dream to become a knight is shattered when the mages' guild discovers latent magical ability in him. Unknown to Fynn, he has been blessed (or cursed as he sometimes feels) by the gods to save humanity from a long forgotten enemy. During his test to become a mage he sees a vision of his father and unlocks magical abilities previously dormant. Confused and believing that he is fighting against his father's captors, he uses his unbridled power to strike down his mentors.

Consumed by guilt and shame, Fynn is in a race to rescue his father and to learn how to control the immense power bestowed on him; the survival of Terreste depends on it. Between Light and Dark, the first book of a trilogy, is a 165,000 word fantasy novel that will grab your attention from the opening chapter and leave you longing for more at its end.

I have been published on-line by Stories That Lift - http://www.storiesthatlift.com/index.php/action-adventure/of-maps-and-friends.html
and I received an Honorable Mention in the 74th Annual Writers’ Digest Writing Competition.

If you would like to follow Fynn’s journey from youth to manhood, I would be pleased send a detailed synopsis, sample chapters, or the entire manuscript. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.


Dan Olsen