Feb 13, 2010

Query- 7 Days to Redemption (version 2)

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Nathan Hanlin, a disillusioned pastor, denies the existence of angels, or demons for that matter, until he comes face to face with a demonic presence in his town. With everyone turning to him for answers, Nathan at first claims ignorance, but that only lasts for so long. Eventually he knows he has to figure out why demons are invading his town and why he’s the one responsible. But until he does, fear is running rampant through his congregation.

Confused, he turns to his older sister Rachel for help, only to find an old journal where Rachel has a secret she’s kept concerning his birth. If what he read is true, she’s more than just his sister. Torn, Nathan feels both lost and betrayed. The revelation of his birth combined with the supernatural powers battling it out in his town leaves Nathan with nowhere to turn.

A decision needs to be made. If he gives in to his hurt and turns away from God he’s essentially giving up on his town and those he loves. But if he turns to God, that means he has to accept a loss he blames on God, and to him, it means giving in. Or does it?

7 DAYS TO REDEMPTION completed at 77,000 words is a supernatural suspense in which a pastor's faith in God is tested and his trust in his sister is betrayed. For those who loved the earlier novels of Ted Dekker, I have a feeling they would enjoy my novel since it has the same feel.

I won the 2005 Word Alive Publishing contest with my novel Once Upon A Dream, and I hold a degree in theology as well I am a member of the Word Guild and the ACFW. If you would like to consider 7 DAYS TO REDEMPTION, I’d be more than happy to forward the complete manuscript to you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Query- Beth (not the actual title)

When the exclusive Hamilton Arts Academy offers 17-year old rocker Beth Collins a scholarship, she leaps at the chance.

But it’s not her killer guitar skills that catches their eye.

Hamilton is a school for Talented—in other words, freaks like Beth who’s Talent is for causing death at will.

At Hamilton, Beth finds new love, camaraderie and training to control her dangerous abilities. But behind the school's supportive facade lurks an unknown evil-someone wants to exploit her Deathmage talents for their own hellish plans. With no one to trust, Beth must face down demonic powers and master her deadly skills, or succumb to those who would destroy her along with everyone she loves.