Jan 22, 2010


Dear Ms./Mr. X,

When 17-year-old artist Anna Sokolowska learns the Communist regime in Poland may implement martial law, she chooses to escape to Berlin—unwilling to let the government stifle her artistic voice, eager to use her anti-Communist paintings as a tool for change. What Anna fails to consider before leaving is that her abused mother and young brother need her more than she thinks they do.

A year in Berlin forces Anna to face the borderless nature of government corruption as she struggles to balance the harsh reality of poverty in the 1980’s with a passion for art and the Polish Solidarity movement.

WHERE THE DOVES FLY is a literary YA at approximately 76,000 words.

My articles and short stories have been featured in New Moon, Teen Ink, Alive, multiple e-zines, and two Creative Communications anthologies. Last year I received a YoungArts 2010 Merit Award (top 5%) and interned with [an editor; redacted]; now I intern with [an agent; redacted].

I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to query you—someone I admire for Y.

Thank you for your time.