Jul 14, 2011

Contest- Show and NO Tell

Since there's a slowdown in queries, and since I have a book out, I think it's time for a Slushpile contest.  And since I'm the moderator and have unrestricted access to posts, no one can stop me.

[Insert evil laugh here] 

Contest rules:  Answer the question below in a short story (750-1,000 words).  You must use the characters / actions / narrative to show me the answer…going right out and telling me the answer is cheating!  Submit your entries as comments to this post or email me at rjdaley 101071 (at) gmail (dot) com.  You have until 8am EST on Monday, July 18 to enter.

Question: Why does Jimmy hate pizza?

Suggestions: Food allergy; his father choked on pepperoni and died; Jimmy was dropped on his head by delivery guy when he was a baby, etc.  Get creative, and show me the answer!

Prize: I will send a signed copy of my book, THE MAN IN THE CINDER CLOUDS to my two favorite entries.  Winners will be announced on Thursday, July 21 whenever I get around to it.  Prizes will be awarded shortly thereafter.