Apr 21, 2010

Query - Whispers in the Dark (revised courtesy of a friend!)

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Query - Whispers in the Dark (revised courtesy of a friend!)

Dear Mr. or Ms. Agent,

Whispers in the Dark, my 47,000 word paranormal romance novella, is perfect for the Faery Rose Press division. I’ve been published several times in the past but my most recent credits include: AnnWenn: Dawn of Destruction, a short story published by Lame Goat Press in Kings of the Realm: A Dragon Anthology and Rebirth, another short story to be featured in Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror 2010 by Sonar4 Publications. I’ve also recently accepted an editing position with Strong Truths, a YA publisher.

In Whispers in the Dark, tragedy strikes Jazz Cornier when her entire family is brutally murdered by the very vampyres she slays. Emotionally weak, a mysterious vampyre invades her life and declares her a Goddess reincarnate—the one who can cure vampirism. She dismisses the whole idea and, in the wake of her family’s death, she lets the vampyre go unharmed.

But there is another who also believes she is the Goddess with the power to cure the thirst of blood—the insatiable need. But he doesn’t want to be freed; he wants to stop her. To protect Jazz, Kayne—the mysterious vampyre—returns to her. In an ever growing battle to stay alive, Jazz accepts his protection, even if she believes the whole idea is ludicrous.

As Kayne uses the very powers he wants her to destroy to defend her, he discovers his protection isn’t only for his mortality, but for reasons much more personal. Will his love override his dreams for mortality? Will it be enough to convince her to embrace her destiny?

Attached, in the body of this email, is a short synopsis.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dawn Hullender

Query- Coming Around Again (revision 2)

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When Maggie jumped into the ocean to save a young girl, she never expected that the course of her life would change, but it did.

Four year before when her husband and two kids died in a car accident, Maggie had pulled the shutters down on her soul. But those few moments in the cold Atlantic waters catapulted Maggie back to life with a vengeance. Feelings she had long since locked away came bursting back - anger, grief and surprisingly, happiness, in the form of the drowning girl’s father, Connor McGowan.

Not so recently divorced, Connor is the town’s new Police Chief and Maggie is fascinated by him. Connor is charming and has an easy confidence that draws Maggie out of her shell. Soon she is spending all of her time with him, loving life – loving him.

Until she realizes she is pregnant. Loving a grown, capable man is one thing but opening herself to a child, and possibly losing a child again, is more than Maggie can bear. Driven by fear, she leaves Connor without telling him of her condition. Away from Connor, she can see how barren an existence she had led and realizes she is not prepared to lose him; even if it means she must face her fears at last.

COMING AROUND AGAIN, a contemporary romance novel complete at 90,000 words, may appeal to readers of Susan Wiggs or Barbara Delinsky. I appreciate your consideration.