Jun 14, 2010


How could Alex Laxa have known that trying to ask out a pretty girl could land him in so much trouble? When Alex, a shy and uninspired waylei dealer pondering his unfulfilling job and uncertain future, has a chance encounter with a beautiful, young doctor and chases after her in a rare effort to ask her out, he had no idea that he'd be thrust on a harrowing journey across the Volero System that could ultimately decide the fate of billions.

Alex finds himself a witness to two men assaulting the beautiful doctor and instinctively rushes in to help. Moments later, both men lay dead while he and his new companion, Lara Warren, have become fugitives. Together they discover that in Lara's curious research of her father's past on the planet Spyre, she stumbled upon the name of a project called Shepherd. It's a name so secret that her employer, The Company, tries to mind-wipe both of them for learning of its existence, killing Lara's father in the process. Now they must run for their lives, clueless as to why the very knowledge of this project would be worth killing them for. SPYRE, a science fiction adventure, is complete at over 88,000 words.

I've always admired the way a good story not only sparks one's imagination and opens the door to a world of limitless possibilities, but allows the audience to experience the emotions of its characters. It's my dream to write a novel that does precisely that.

Thank you for your time and patience in reading about my work. May I send you the complete manuscript? I look forward to hearing from you.


Query- Crucible of Silver (revised)

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Some animals seem to have a much harder time of life. These few special animals aren't unintelligent or unlucky. They endure these trails and tribulations as if in a crucible, making them fit for a special kind of destiny. Silver Squirrel is one such animal.

Crucible of Silver is a coming of age story for older m/g and up, completed at 73,000 words.

As a fire burns a forest, and flame sets mountains ablaze, Silver Squirrel learns to survive his first year in a world that is in chaos around him.

Fear of the cataclysmic chestnut blight leads squirrel leaders to destroy their own forest, leaving Silver homeless. Repercussions of the fire – starvation, predation and more – bring the animals to ruin.

Through it all, Silver tries to find friendship with crows, a relationship with a female squirrel, and a sense of who he is. Everything always seems to be against him – the community, a hawk, and even spring fever, but these problems cause him to learn and grow.

Silver dreams of a day when he can be at a piece with a mate by his side, far from the heartaches of daily life, but Silver is at last caught by the hawk, and all seems lost. Her plan will pit him against his own kind to redeem the most fearsome predator the skies have known. Still, his experience with the birds may help him survive this most terrible trial yet.

I have been published in several trade publications including Keyframe Magazine. I studied screen writing, and have completed three novels. I worked in film (Star Trek, Spiderman 2) and animation (Roughnecks, Dan Dare, Mystic Knights), and published software and documentation for the animation industry for a number of years before finishing my books.

The book has been professionally story edited along with the two completed sequels, Silver Squirrel in Uneasy Pieces, and Silver Squirrel and The Court of Animals. There are occasional allusions to the Bible, similar to the Narnia books, but its not preachy. It’s intended the be good clean fun. The Newbery winning Mrs. Frizby and the Rats of NIMH was a huge influence as well.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

QUERY - Colsen Deming and the Nephilim Existence (revised)

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When the soft body of seventeen-year-old Colsen Deming morphs overnight into a twenty-something sleek and muscled Nephilim, a new world unveils Colsen never knew existed.

A life of blending into the background of his small high school is no longer an option. During Colsen's first day back after his transformation, girls pine for him and guys throw menacing looks his way, tempting him to fight with sneers of jealousy and whispers of steroid abuse. Colsen becomes angry by the sudden attention. As his anger strengthens, vivid images of hurting the people around him become increasingly powerful.

After school, Colsen encounters fellow Nephilim Nerissa who helps him come to terms with his new form and extreme temperament, offering him insight into his murky past.  He learns his father is a fallen angel disgraced by God for impregnating his human mother. And now his father wants Colsen by his side while he defies God, killing humans and Nephilim alike.

When Colsen's foster brother is kidnapped by his father to lure Colsen away from the protection of Nerissa's family, he is faced with the ultimate decision. Does Colsen save his only brother from death, taking his rightful place by his father's side? Or does he sit idly by while Nerissa and her family risk their lives to rescue Colsen's brother without him?

Colsen Deming and the Nephilim Existence is a 73,000-word young adult fantasy novel. I would be happy to forward the complete manuscript upon request, and would like to mention this is a simultaneous query. Thank for your time and consideration.