Dec 12, 2009

Query-Raising Kain: Diseased God (Revised)

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Dear Agent,

I am seeking representation for my 48,000 word YA fantasy novella RAISING KAIN: DISEASED GOD.

The day he turns six-years-old Apophis Kain learns he is destined to become the Aspect of the Earth, he just has to survive the training to get there first.

Being the sun of a sky god and the Aspect of the Moon, as well as the crown prince of Atlantis and transforming into a dragon means that Kain must be destined for greatness. He just didn’t realize greatness meant living naked in the woods, having his aunt, Terra Gaia the current Aspect of the Earth, as the worlds hardest tutor, or meeting the deranged diseased god, Pestilence.

Training to be the Aspect of the earth and fighting to overcome his headstrong pride is hard enough, but when Pestilence shows up it becomes a fight for his life. One he may not be able to win. Failure means life as a new version of the diseased god, and destruction of the material plane.

I am a student of history and literature at Concord University, I have published one short story with Concord University’s publication, Reflexes.

I would be happy to forward the complete manuscript at your request, and I thank you for your time and consideration.


Ryan Smith