Jul 20, 2011

Show and NO Tell Results

Thanks to the four writers who participated in the Show and NO Tell contest.  I enjoyed reading all the entries.  My favorite was Jenny's (entry #1).  There was a real emotional reason for Jimmy to hate pizza, and the slow build to the reveal was well-paced.  Great job!

The runner-up is a tough call.  I like the emotions in Luis' entry (#2), and think there is a good degree of realism.  I was able to feel the despair.  Darrell's Frankenstein entry (#3) was was a fun reprieve from the more serious entries, and I especially liked the twist at the end of Teralyn's entry (#4) with the offer for Parmesan, showing that the alternative had its own issues.  

So for runner up, I'm declaring a three-way tie.  All four win! 

I have Teralyn's address.  For the other three, please email me at rjdaley101071 (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing address and I'll mail your signed copies of THE MAN IN THE CINDER CLOUDS out this week, I hope you enjoy reading it.

Thanks for participating!