Oct 26, 2009

Query for Butter and Margarine (Revision #1)

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Dear Agent,

It takes the right man remembering her for Sunny Cumberledge to realize she could still be remarkable.

Until Justin Reinhart came back into her life, Sunny had resigned herself to a margarine existence, a life hardly worth spreading on weekday toast. That’s what her family wants from her, for her to be the conventional Cumberledge sister. Her father, in particular, wants one daughter willing to exist as insularly as he has since his only son died eleven years ago. So for eleven years, Sunny has done just that, lived her small life as close to home as possible, certain she was doing the right thing for the family she loves in the most fiercest, gut- squeezing way.

However, as she moves forward in her relationship with Justin, Sunny realizes that being twenty- one and insignificant hasn’t helped her family; it’s only hurt her. She can’t be afraid to stand up and live for herself. She has to be the fiery, interesting woman Justin sees in her, the one he never forgot, even though Sunny was sure she wasn’t worth recalling. But more than anything, she has to live as big as she can, as both an example for her family, and for the brother who never got his own chance. Sunny has gotten by on merely existing so far; now, it’s finally time for her to live fantastically.

Butter and Margarine is a women’s fiction novel complete at 81,000 words. [Personal Information]. Thank you for your consideration of my work, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Saison Williams