Aug 15, 2009

Query - Traitor's Plight (1st Revision)

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Dear Agent,

When her betrothed decides she has lived past the point of usefulness, Lydia escapes assassination only to find herself in the distant kingdom of war-torn Mudamora and her life in no less danger. The gods meddle in the affairs of this land and bless her with the ability to heal. The blessing is more of a curse; the power reveals itself when she restores Lord Rhys Calorian from a mortal injury, only for her to discover she must now bear the excruciating pain herself. Worse yet, it is a power condemning her to serve in the mad King's failing army should she ever be found out.

Resourcefulness and quick thinking saved her life before and these attributes serve her well as she blends into the underbelly of the city using the anonymity of a common serving wench. Only Rhys knows her secret and he uses it to coerce her into joining the ranks of the Princess's female guards, of which he is the reluctant captain. Over the clash of practice swords, they discover a passion greater than either of them expected, but it is a love continually tested by his quest for redemption of past transgressions and by her risk of discovery.

The trouble with secrets is not in the having, but in the keeping and when the Princess she is sworn to protect finds hers out, Lydia takes on the role of master dissembler to protect a prince from his own madness and to avoid a war of ascendancy that would leave Mudamora ripe for its enemy's picking. Only her act comes at the cost of Rhys' affection and to win it back she risks not only the family she swore to protect, but also sentencing herself to captivity and him to the
headman's block.

TRAITOR'S PLIGHT is a 107,000 word fantasy with a strong romantic element, and is the first volume in a trilogy. I would be happy to send you the complete manuscript at your request.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Query- Near Edgware

Dear Agent,

Near Edgware, my YA paranormal romance is set in a seemingly normal secondary school and the ancient woodland that borders the town of Woodford, near Edgware. The manuscript is complete in 75,000 words.

Jess senses that someone’s keeping secrets and despite her determination to avoid trouble she can’t fight the lure of the boy who keeps away from his peers, says he isn’t interested but seems to be around every corner she turns. She can see subtle differences and worries away until she finds out the truth. She runs, more than walks into trouble unaware that there are things her family should have told her.

In the first term of the Sixth Form, 16 year-old Jess returns to a school that has changed in everyway except geographically. She has learned to use swimming and running to focus her excess energy now. The boy that intrigues her shares a lot of her interests and is more attractive than she can resist. She believes that she can really see him and wants to know him better. For a boy who says she should keep her distance his hands linger more than his eyes.

This is an attraction that draws Jess into the world of those born Were, the dangerous feral Were and the hunters who are born to eradicate wolves in any form. It takes trust and courage to love when the obstacles that stand in your way are rooted deeper than cultural norms.

Near Edgware opens up the window onto the world of the Were and the hunters who have bred a highly-skilled nemesis; only Jess knows nothing of her destiny. The result is a gripping and moving tale of two individuals who can see more in the other than the pretty, surface image. It is complete as a stand-alone novel but could be just the first chapter of a love that will have to withstand the ramifications of its existence.

I am a new writer. I am also a teacher and use aspects of Social and Emotional Aspect of Learning (SEAL) as the cornerstone of my work. I have an counselling qualification. I bring these skills to my writing.

Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.

Right... we all know that I need help of an almost psychological nature so I look forward to a little (or a lot) of advice!