Jun 22, 2010



Dear Agent,

After visiting your site I think that my novel fits well into what you are looking for. A Rose and an Amaranth is an 115,000 word Young Adult complete manuscript and a first in a planned series with the sequels in outline. What makes my novel unique is the creativity it is has to the original vampire myth and the history about their existence, and how their world functions. It is about a vampire who finds himself unworthy of a human girl to the extent of wanting to be human for her again-which is possible- yet he does not realize her yearn to be like him.

A concoction of love and death do intermix and there is no age restriction to drink of the cup, especially for these two. The interactions are at a Catholic school which is ironic for a vampire to be at, the prayers are no way close to innocence. Rosario is a very hopeful girl waiting on the “climax” of her life to arrive. The only reason she is adamantly alive is she does not have the courage to commit suicide, but who said suicide is the only death that you can try, there is chancing on a hauntingly intoxicating vampire that she can provoke to get 'The Kiss' from, especially when blood is addictively irresistible. But this new brood, Daniel Heath Forsyth, is damningly obsessed with finding his father, underlying this is the stake at which Rosario's life lies for he chooses her out of the girls in school to be his company. Blood, lust, love are an intricate in this novel that create an inner conflict in the character, with diary entries(by the vampire) and notes about the epidemic history of their existence the reader is able to whelm in this world and learn about the rulers and type of organizations it has.

Daniel Heath Forsyth finds it possible to turn into a human due to a virus circulating in his world, and he feels he will now become worthy of her if he allows the infection to succumb him, only thing is three vampires have already died from it and there is a high risk that he may too. Everyone in his world is going for vaccination, but the only sickness maddening him is his attraction to Rosario, it seems someone is unstable from the drink. Sadly for our star-crossed lovers Rosario and his family come to learn that she is a latent vampire and is linked to someone to whom, she is obliged to marry. And in their world infidelity is not taken lightly. She and Daniel have to go their different ways, and as she waits for her awakening to be triggered by this person she is to meet, she wonders just what may come of her life and through this road she learns through suffrage of values of family and love and fighting for what you want.

This is my first novel, and I am currently 2nd year Architecture. I have studied Literature through my Secondary School years, and through an English Language coarse students of this genre were interested in it.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I would be happy to send you my complete manuscript at your request.

Query- Winter Roses Never Die (fifth revision)

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Well, blog regulars, I think this time - with your much appreciated help - I've nailed it. Thanks to everyone and especially Rick.

Dear Agent,

Jennie works opposite the abandoned Catholic cemetery at the Sycamore Public Library and first notices Charos while taking a shortcut home through the sprawling grounds. The darkly beautiful man seated in a wheelchair beside the grave covered in ruby red roses is rather hard to miss - as are the roses. While the grounds are overgrown with weeds and self-sown flowers, the roses are the jewels of the cemetery. Hidden behind ivy-covered bluestone walls, this deserted place appears so timeless and wildly beautiful she speculates that fairies could come and go here unnoticed by human kind. As the mysterious man is often beside the rosy grave site, she finally plucks up courage to introduce herself, but Charos shows little interest. However one 'man' always has time for her. During her daily - and nightly - treks, she stops to speak to the life-like statue of the Christ and sometimes receives guiding and uplifting 'inspirationals'.

Despite his initial coolness, Charos seems to warm when she shows interest in the many roses flourishing in mid-winter. He tells her they will never die only sleep through summer and return in winter 'when she is needed the most'. As they spend more time together, Jennie discovers that Charos is a force of nature, irresistable and dangerous, and soons falls under the spell of his fey charm. Although he remains an unpredictable mystery, Jennie feels he's the one person who understands her imaginative beliefs and sees her real worth.

Come late spring the winter roses and Charos disappear leaving her in despair. So begins Jennie's quest to discover the truth and to bring him back into her life. Only the magical winter roses will enable her to understand Charo's surreal world. And only the 'Man' Jennie needs the most can arm her with the wisdom and confidence she needs to win the love of the man who needs her the most and restore his soul so he can live and love again.

Winter Roses Never Die is a surreal ride into a world of paranormal relationships, mythical creatures and mystical Christianity. The story is complete at 95,000 words.

Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

Wendy Peterson