Oct 21, 2010

Query- Anti-Boys

Dear Agent,

America Van Roy has had enough of boys. After having her heart broken one last time, she decides to go without guys for a year, complete with a set of rules. However, after an accident involving a PE class and a flying football lands her in a very dizzy situation, America is rescued by a knight in shining armor. End of romantic story, right?

Wrong. Caleb Bartlette, the new kid in school, who everyone can't get enough of, tries every trick in the book to get America's attention, but she's not caving. Even though she finds him charming, handsome, and impossible to avoid, America won't show anyone what's going on inside her broken heart. Only when their new friendship is threatened by a stubborn parent, who wants to pick up and move away, will America be convinced to tell the truth.

In 63,000 words, my Young Adult novel, Anti-Boys, tells the story of a girl who has to learn to trust again, after many cruel heart breaks. Some of the best Young Adult novels are written by people who are young adults themselves. As a college sophomore, I find it easy to capture their emotions and tell a realistic story. Although this is my second novel, I am currently unpublished. I hope young adult readers will fall in love with the characters of Anti-Boys and find themselves able to relate to America's problems.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and I hope I have captured your interest.