Sep 19, 2009

Question about sample pages


What's your take on language content for our sample pages posted on query slush pile. Should I **** them or something?


ANSWER: That's a good f%*$ing question.

I don't believe there are bad words, just inappropriate times and places to use them. Submit your content as-is, I think we have a mature readership here. If it gets to a point where a submission is too adult-oriented that I cannot keep the site open for everyone, I may respectfully decline to post a submission. If the submitter's contact info is in his/her profile, I will reach out to explain why.

I am tempted to say, "Don't worry, I doubt that I will ever be so offended as to without a post." However, I know that doing so would be inviting the more inventive of you to a seeming dual of ideals, and I'm pretty sure somebody else would win. Not because of my own personal tolerance, but because I am restricted by the environs of public decorum.