Jun 21, 2010

Query- Cardinal in a Cage of Bone

Amongst the last to pursue a "vanity degree" before the current recession, Laura Locksley matriculates into the zany Modern Arts University, where hedonism and instability splatter the students like paint on a Jackson Pollock canvas. She explores music, intoxication, sex, inspiration, and artifice; young and confused in a time when The Happiest Place on Earth has 360ยบ cameras, New York businessmen commit suicide at the office, and surgically-enhanced faces drink from the Fountain of Youth.

Despite her sunglasses, ipod, vodka-filled flask, elaborate make up and clothing (buffers against humanity), Laura becomes infatuated with disaffected boys, endures family conflict, and meets an array of undergrads in grungy basement parties and on the cobblestone streets of Philadelphia. Cardinal in a Cage of Bone captures the magic of the internal life of an artist, overstimulation and subsequent boredom, the inability to handle angst-kissed passions without the aid of a glowing touchscreen. As reality looms and the ghosts of lost companions linger like smoke from their now-extinguished cigarettes, the kids accept their diplomas and think, With so much progress, why do we feel like failures?

I am a 2008 graduate of _______ in Philadelphia with a BA in Music Composition. While studying creative writing, I completed two short story collections and tutored for the writing department.

Cardinal in a Cage of Bone is a completed, 81,000 word novel in the literary fiction genre. Please let me know if you would be interested in reading sample chapters. Thank you for your time and consideration.

All the best,