Oct 15, 2009

Query: Butter and Margarine

Dear Agent,

Until Justin Reinhart walked into their dad’s insurance agency, Sunny Cumberledge lived a margarine existence, a life hardly worth spreading on weekday toast. Or so her sister always said; Rain never let someone’s feelings stand in the way of a good metaphor. Although Sunny can’t be entirely mad at her: if the always- impatient Rain hadn’t set up their first date, Justin might have taken his new policy rates and left without her number. But like always, Rain shoved Sunny headlong into her life and didn’t apologize for it. Why should she? Rain lives in a butter- pat world full of flavor and worth every calorie. Sunny’s the one living like a twenty- one year old grocery list, unremarkable, unmemorable.

Sunny never really understood her sister, a woman who didn’t seem to care that she was mostly loathed by her family. Before that December day in the office, Sunny had resigned herself to being the good daughter, the Cumberledge their father loved the most. Someone had to live practically; Rain stopped trying to be anything but fantastic eleven years ago. But Justin makes Sunny think she could be so much more. She starts to see herself as a potentially interesting person, a person worthy of remembering. She let herself be buried alive underneath eleven years worth of pleasing dirt. It’s finally time for Sunny to please herself, and in doing that, she might discover just what her sister has tried to show her for so long. Anyone can merely exist; only the fantastic can really live.

Butter and Margarine is an eighty- one thousand word novel in the women’s fiction genre. [Personal Information]. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Saison Williams


Complete at 108,000 words, THE EMERALD GIRL is a science fiction novel that explores the effects of good intentions gone wrong and how honorable people right those wrongs.

Life on Earth suffers a toxic reaction when exposed to alien life. Agnes is a researcher sent to Earth to solve this riddle. The DNA of Melvin Humphrey holds the key. Agnes activates a dormant gene in Melvin. He can now have contact with Agnes without ill effect. Unknown to Melvin, he now emits the same pheromone Agnes does. His wife and son are exposed, suffer a severe reaction, and cling to life while Agnes and Melvin race against time to save their lives.

While working together, Agnes grows to love Melvin. She wants to melt into his mind and soul. Melvin fears Agnes may sacrifice his family to satisfy her lust.

The answer lies in the history books. The dormant gene in Melvin entered the human genome as the part of a failed experiment to modify life on Earth. The missing pieces of the puzzle will take him to ancient Egypt and Rome, and the early days of the American government. The answer he finds is impossible to believe. Yet, he must believe, or his family will die.

THE EMERALD GIRL is best described as Catherine Asaro with a bitter edge and should appeal to Ace, Baen, and Tor. I draw from my farming background for a scene where steer become infected. I am the treasurer of the Wisconsin Regional Writers’ Association.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Chapter 1:
Unwelcome Guests

The glass rattles at the front door. We have few visitors, leaving one possibility: the steer are out. I can see my animals running down the side of the road, thousand pound bovines built of solid muscle, giving my insurance carrier indigestion.
I throw my book to the living room table. I wonder which neighbor I pissed off now as I rush to the door, tripping over the up-step between kitchen and hallway.
Ann is pulling laundry out of the wash machine as I pass the utility room. Mason is crawling underfoot, tripping me as I pass.
The urgency of the knock is muted when I see the woman standing on the other side of the door. She wears a business suit and loose fitting slacks. Her short black hair in messed from the wind. Her short stature matches her slim face. A black line of eye shadow, thin lips, and an aquiline nose highlight her facial strong points. I open the door praying she doesn’t hand me a pamphlet telling me ‘Jesus Loves You’.
I step back as I open the door, startled. Two men in dark blue suits stand to the side and behind the woman.
“Mr. Melvin Humphrey?” Her voice is firm, yet polite; all business. She extends her hand. I take it, feeling like a sheep ready to be sheared.
“What can I do for you?” The words catch in my throat with a click; I handle tense situations poorly.
“I’m Agent Alice Hanson with the FBI,” she shows me her badge. “This is Agent Vic Savant, and Agent Tyron Meyer.” They show their badge as they are introduced. Agent Savant is tall, thin, with a permanent five o’clock shadow; Agent Meyer a large black man, pushing the seams of his suit to the limit.
Ann checks to see what the commotions is, Mason in tow. She has a worried look on her face when she sees the crowd at the door. I appreciate Ann’s talent at sizing up a situation fast and correct. And the look on her face is concerning.
“We need to talk,” Agent Alice Hanson said. Her tone of voice is commanding with a hint of respect.