May 21, 2009

Revisions and Resubmissions

Two agents addressed the topic of re-querying on their blogs today. I'm guessing that the vast majority of you already read both posts, but just in case you haven't, here are the links:

Click here to read Nathan Bransford's perspective on re-querying.

Click here to read Jessica Faust's perspective.

As for re-submitting queries to this blog, I'm all for it. A few submitters have thanked me for my patience in posting multiple revisions, but there's no need. I'm happy to help out, especially when there aren't many new queries coming in (NOTE: send queries. I can't make the hint any more obvious). I would rather have you fine tune your queries over several revisions here than miss a shot with the agent of your dreams.

jbchicoine put it in a great perspective with this comment on the fourth revision of the RAINGUN query:

"I found it very helpful, reading what others had to say, and how you applied it. I think what you've learned has also made the critiques you've offered very helpful."

So please keep 'em coming, whether they are new queries or new versions of old queries...