Mar 30, 2009

Revision 3--Larkin Shift and the Hall of Two Truths

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An unknowing descendant of the WenWet priestesses, Larkin Shift doesn’t want to be different. She doesn’t want to develop her magical powers, but they have a mind of their own and her 8th grade teacher, Mr. Amurat, the one person that can help her, has been lured to the Egyptian underworld. He is a pawn in Principal Reameny’s plan to overtake Ra, the sun god, plunging Earth into darkness and chaos and it’s up to Larkin and her three friends to get him back safely.

The rescue mission begins with an unexpected consequence—Benny’s death—and though Ra’s light temporarily revives him, there is only hours until his condition becomes permanent.

Hindered by an ever-changing landscape with destructive mythical inhabitants and guided by an untrustworthy shape-shifting cat, Larkin must develop her powers to defeat the evil Principal Reameny, get Benny home alive, and overcome an unexpected betrayal—all before the next sunrise.

Larkin Shift and The Hall of Two Truths is a 45,000 word middle grade novel and is the first in a planned series.

This will be my final revision because I don't want to hog valuable space. Thanks to all who have helped me fine-tune and I wish everyone a lot of success!