Nov 26, 2010

Book Review- CINDERS

CINDERS is a novella written by Michelle Davidson Argyle.  It's available on in paperback and as an ebook.  

We all know that money can't buy love, but in Cinders we learn magic isn't a sure bet either.  Cinderella - now officially a princess - finds royal life is not what she once dreamed.  Pretty clothes, fancy meals, and fabulous balls can't make up for a life restricted, and she is denied the simple pleasures she used to take for granted.  When a figure from her past stirs up a long-suppressed passion, Cinderella begins to wonder if there really is love under the spell that earned her husband's heart.  But undoing magic can be harder than casting the initial spell, and the results are less predictable.

Cinders is a quick read, and it's a nice adult romance wrapped around a childhood fairytale.  The sub-plot kept me intrigued, and the conflict in Cinderella's heart made the characterization interesting.  The book is self-published, but the copy editing is tight and the layout is not a strain to read.  While some character elements and plot lines could have been drawn out in more detail, I enjoyed the story overall.