Feb 2, 2011


Dear Agent,

Carissa moved from York to attend New Orleans School of Creative Arts and get away from bodyguards and a life of worry. She’s about to turn eighteen and everything should be perfect, but she’s just learned that her new boyfriend is spying on her while her parents try to control her from afar.

After spending three years with Eric, as a friend, she was beyond excited when he asked her out on a date. When she found out he was her bodyguard she was heartbroken and confused. Follow that up with Connor, a friend that wants more than she’s willing to give, and her life feels like it’s falling to pieces.

Now she’s got to figure out what to do with Eric, how to get Connor to back off, and face her parents once and for all. Carissa is about to discover that the definition of family isn't those that share your blood, but those that love you without fail.

BOYFRIENDS, SPIES, AND LOVE is a contemporary young adult novel complete at 60,000 words. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Query-Wheezy-Medium of Casing, Florida


WHEEZY—MEDIUM OF CASING, FLORIDA—82,000 words—Paranormal

The eagle tattoo on his forearm, weightlifter-build, and comfort on the basketball court is the only hint of his identity. He appeared on the other side, a spirit with no memory of his past. History of the live-ones he's near pours into his head though, also their thoughts, emotions, even glimpses of their future. He learns this is unique among his kind, as is another inconvenient shortcoming—he forgets much of the previous day when he resets in his private Groundhog Day.

He chose to call himself Bob. Numbed by the drudgery of perpetuity, unable to sense the passing of time, he searches for purpose. His favorite live-ones have issues. He sets out first to assist with a crush-taken-too-far, but his web of meddling endangers the lives of his adopted family in a cartwheel backlash. He generates ire in his fellow spirits, bartenders, and school administrators; incites mob hit men, cops, predators, and abusive parents; brings multiple forces after those he intends to help.

Despite his interference, his live family narrowly avoids a succession of disasters. By ghostly sleight of hand, spirit battles, and human determination, bullies are put in their place, mobsters in their graves, and the family gets a second chance at normalcy—if you disregard the plethora of friendly spirits who hang around.

Thank you for your time and consideration.