Jan 16, 2010


Dear [AGENT],

Howard, a thug who wears nice suits, is unexpectedly appointed to head FEMA. His first task is to find out why every plane fell from the sky (taking out the upper hierarchy of the organization). Known as brawn and an enforcer, Howard is faced with contempt and hostility as he tries to find his footing within the political corridors of power. As he scrambles to solve the mystery, he discovers an entity travelling towards the planet.

News of this approach is leaked to a nervous public, sparking a global frenzy. Religious zealots interpret it as the Second Coming of Christ. Amid a groundswell of theories and speculation, Bradley, a preacher who is grappling with his own issues of faith, is thrust into the spotlight and unwittingly becomes a religious icon.

Believing the approaching entity to be hostile, the President instigates a coalition to defend the planet. However, skeptical of the unfolding events and feeling threatened, a League of Thirty-Seven Nations is formed. They dispute the assertions of an alien entity and demand proof, all the while insisting that a plot to destabilize their governments was being executed.

As it nears the Solar System, the entity disappears. The coalition begins to fracture while the League threatens to respond to what it perceives as unnecessary American aggression. It is up to Howard to find proof in order to save the coalition and Bradley to rally the planet to face the unknown.

THESE ARE THE END OF DAYS is a completed manuscript of 110,000 words. I have never been published before, but being an eternal optimist I have already started research on a sequel. I look forward to hearing from you and hope that this initial contact will be the beginning of a long and beneficial association.

Lenworth Wesley