Nov 10, 2009

An Award Winning Blog

Slushpile follower / submitter / commentor Stephanie Damore honored the Public Query Slushpile with an "Honest Scrap" award because this blog tells it like it is and commentors are honest about their feelings.

However, I can't accept this award for myself because I'm just the moderator. I'm not even the most frequent commentor. The foundations of this blog - and the most deserving recipients of said award - are the wonderful people who share their queries and their feedback so readily (NOTE: insert Group Hug here).

I'm not going to follow all the award rules and post the logo, nominate other blogs, etc. I do think this is a great opportunity to thank you all for the time spent here, though. We are all part of A Good Thing.

Good luck with your writing, and Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and joyous seasonal celebrations for all other denominations that I am ignorant of and/or too lazy to mention...