Oct 17, 2010


Dear Agent,

Thirteen-year-old Nathan Dagger must transform himself from a chubby video gaming geek, into a strong and fearless warrior.

OPAL, a secret society, believes Nathan is the chosen one. It was foreseen in a vision that a powerful channel exists in his mind that will allow him to lock on to their ruthless enemy, Zafaar. To be certain, they watch through Nathan’s eyes and listen through his ears, using a monitoring device they implanted in his brain.

When the time is right an elaborate plan of deception is set into place to test and train Nathan. He is tried both physically and mentally for ten agonizing weeks to see if he has what it takes to be a member of OPAL. Throughout his trials, and radical metamorphosis  Nathan must discover the awesome power and the terrible curse of his hidden gifts. Only then can he enter the mysterious world of OPAL, where modern technology is merged with psychic abilities to fight evil.

Deep underground in OPAL’s command center Nathan is told the startling truth about his father, James and why he was murdered by Zafaar. Now Nathan must decide if he will risk his life too and join forces with OPAL to stop Zafaar from inciting his master plan of overthrowing human civilization and ruling over a world of chaos, fear, and darkness.

DAGGER is an 86,000 word paranormal Young Adult Novel. Thank you for your consideration.