Mar 18, 2009

Got Questions?

No, this isn't a query, just a note from your friendly neighborhood Slushpile Administrator.

Here are some things I will do in the near future to enhance the site. By "the near future" I mean "when I have time," and by that I mean "sometime between right now and never."

- When revisions are posted, I will include a link to the original query, and likewise I'll add a link to the revision on the original query.

- On the sidebar, I will add in links to Agent Blogs, and Editor Blogs, Query Tips (may include specific posts from Agent/Editor blogs as well as my own input and submissions from you fine folks), and last but not least, Writer's Resources

- I will expand the site FAQ's

Now, specifically in regard to the latter most item, I need your input. What questions do you have? Particularly about the site, but if you want to ask about life, the universe and everything, I'll respond (NOTE: the answer is 42).

Submit your questions, suggestions for links, and query tips in the comments to this post.



Anonymous said...

Can you block certain pompous or annoying commenters if I specifically request it when I submit my query? There's only one that I'm thinking of and they shall (of course) remain nameless. I just don't want him commenting on mine because I don't value what he says and will undoubtedly be offended. My book was written for people other than him.

Also, it's a really lovely thing that you're doing for people. I think we all understand that you have an actual life and aren't being paid for this. Take your time with your improvements.

Sarah Skilton said...

Thanks for creating and maintaining this blog! As for the FAQ, it'd be great to learn more about you. Specifically:

1. What genre do you write?

2. Are you currently in the process of querying? If so, how is that going for you?

Once the blog's been around for a while, it might be cool to add a Hall of Fame section, where writers who've been helped on this site and gone on to find representation can come back and post the queries that worked.

Elana Johnson said...

I have a question: I'd like to get to all (or nearly all) the queries, but it's really really hard when there's multiple posts per day. Have you considered only posting one per day? Then giving that person the 24-hour window for advice? It's just a thought. I still might not be able to comment every single day, but I would be more apt to, since I know it will be there after dinner if I can't get to it right when it's posted. Otherwise, I think some of them are getting buried with no help. Just wondering.

Angeli Casi said...

I have a question, my book is written in first person, should my synopsis be written the same way? (I have been putting off writing the synopsis because of this.)

Oh and a suggestion, posting one a day is too little maybe 3, one in the morning, one at noon and one at night. I've submitted my queries to other sites and I'm still waiting to see it critiqued. Here, it was BAM, posted right away and I sooo, appreciated it.

Anonymous said...

I have a question about prologues. Do you include the prologue in your synopsis? When an agent says he wants the first 5 pages of your book do you send the prologue or do you start at chapter one?

Rick Daley said...

Good questions, keep them coming. I'm cataloging them and will post responses this week.

Criss L. Cox said...

Wouldn't it be easier on you if you set up an email address where people could submit queries? I don't know how Hotmail or Yahoo work, but I have Gmail (and love it), which would let you forward that new address to your current Gmail address, and set up a filter so all those emails go into a separate folder. Keeps your email inbox free, and you don't have to delete all the comments on that first post.

But hey, you're the guy running the show, so whatever system works for you, do that! Who am I to boss you around?

PS: thanks for doing this, by the way! :)

Rick Daley said...


Setting up a separate email is not a bad idea. There is one reason I can think of to keep things the way they are (and it's Sunday morning, I've had a half cup of coffee, and I have a seven year old boy trying to steal my attention right now, so my thoughts on this subject have not been what you would classify as "deep"):

I've has a couple people post a query for submission, and then delete it from the comments and re-post because they realized they had a typo, or pasted the wrong version, things like that. It may be easier for submitters to do this in comments rather than email.

Otherwise it's a good idea, thanks for the suggestion.

Heleni said...

Dear Ms. Agent:

Violet Young is eager to spend a week without parental authority. When her parents leave for their cruise, she is positive that her plans of hanging out with friends, attending rock concerts, and attaining sun-kissed perfection will end her summer off flawlessly. However, her plans come to a smashing halt on her very first day of freedom, thanks to a life-altering car accident.

Strangers find Violet lying on the side of the road and rescue her. When she awakens from death’s grasp, she is frightened and alone, trapped in a fortress. As she tries every means of escape, James—too cute to be a psychotic kidnapper—enters the picture. He reveals a bevy of problems: she is now an unwilling member of his undead colony, blood is her only gruesome sustenance, and she must abandon her heart-beating biological family to prevent herself from the temptation of “dinnertime”.

Violet battles her conflicted emotions of transitioning into a vampire (who wants to drink blood for eternity? Ew!), her growing attraction for James, and the severed ties from her family. Once things begin to feel semi-normal (as normal as it could be for an undead teenager), skeletons from the past find her and her colony, unleashing a fatal vampire plague. Violet must defend herself from disloyal vampires, vengeful witches, and a mysterious prepubescent soul-sucker. It is up to Violet to save not only her own soul, but also stop the destruction of those she cherishes most dearly.

I have researched your agency through ___________ and found that your company is currently seeking paranormal fiction. My first novel in a supernatural series, LIFE AFTER DEATH, is complete at 114,000 words. I have spent the last six years teaching Language Arts to middle-grade students.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.