Jul 20, 2010

Query: The Rain Legacy (revision)

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On the strictly religious continent of Arydnea, thirteen-year-old Lynette’s rule-breaking tendencies have only ever gotten her into trouble- until she eavesdrops on a plot to murder her family.

It may be too late for her father, whom she found dying on his bedroom floor, but it’s not too late for Lynette. She takes her sister, a sword, and a box she can’t open, and steals away to spare the only family she has left from the same fate.

But fate doesn’t want to give Lynette a rest. Not only is the man who ordered the murder of her father an immortal nobleman, but the goddess of Arydnea also expects Lynette to take up arms and defend the continent from him. Never mind she’s thirteen. Never mind she doesn’t know how to swing a sword. And never mind the royal army’s chasing her, because Lynette’s going to make sure the odds are in her favor before stepping onto the battlefield.

If she’s going to defend Arydnea, then she’d better get a formal request- and a little help.

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